Custom Decorative Concrete

Premium Stamped Concrete produces quality, durable and low maintenance products that enhance the beauty of our clients home or business. Custom decorative concrete is the perfect addition to your pool installation.


Stamped Concrete is a cast in place system. The different surfaces and patterns of the concrete are acheived through a series of textured mats, which can resemble virtually any desired surface. The base colour of the concrete is obtained by adding intergral colour into the mix. The concrete is then placed and finished. A powdered colour release agent is then used to ensure maximum surface detail while providing a second colour for surface highlights and distinctive grout line look.

Mix Design

For our stamp mix we use 32mpa concrete with air entrainment. Air entrainment and a high strength concrete mix are extremely important for long-term durability in our harsh freeze-thaw climate. All flatwork is reinforced with rebar rather than wire mesh to limit the movement of the concrete during freeze-thaw cycles.

Capping Existing Concrete

Existing concrete flatwork that has lost its new appearance, but not its structural integrity, and can be enhanced without demolition or dramatic grade change. Caps as thin as 1 inch can be poured over structurally sound concrete without affecting the impression or colour consistency.

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